“If you ask me, any woman in leadership is a FIRST LADY.”

Penda L. James, “First, Lady: Called, Confident & Committed Woman in Leadership”


  • “I am a good writer but I am horrible at punctuation. Having Penda as a coach makes my writing seem polished. From the day Penda learned I was a writer, she has stayed on me about not only about completing what I start but to go beyond. Do more! She makes me reach past the stars. Penda will pull every ounce of greatness you have to offer the world out of you. She's the my diamond!!!!"

    Jaquan Postell Author and Playwright
  • “When my ideas were just ideas Penda helped me manifest them into reality. . . Penda stands by me and wills me rise from ashes.  

    Taurus Blannon Author and Screenwriter
  • Penda will strive to bring out the best in you. She is a motivator and endeavors to empower you as the author. As your Scribe coach, Penda will challenge you and push you to another level of excellence in your gift as a writer.

    Rachel Armstead Author
  • "The number one problem Penda helped me resolved is my lack of proper writing etiquette. I have a lot to say and write, she always tells me, “just write it and I will take care of the rest.” Working with Penda allowed me to compile a collection from women to form an Anthology. I've also been able to start a blog for my non-profit. When Penda believes in you she works just as hard as you to see it all come to pass."    

    Kia Richardson Founder, No More Blows (Domestic Violence Awareness Advocate)
  • “Penda is a source of inspiration and persistence. . . a planter of seed that blossoms to life because she is rooted in praise and a good foundation. She inspired, paved the way, planted and believed in me. I may have taken it from there, but she was the first leg which helped me see the vision.”  

    M. Michele George, M.Sci Author of The Knotty Truth, Book Series
  • Penda helped me become a better writer by helping me tell my story succinctly. My writing was all over the place. She taught me about being Unpluckable and held me accountable. I had a barrier of fear, but through her retreats she created a place for me to lay my burdens down. I have learned to move on with God at the helm. BE teachable, and be able to accept constructive criticism. It will only make you better. I know Penda did this for me.  

    Danada Beckwith Author

What is a Scribe Coach?

Do you have an unfinished book in you? Do you need help to write down an idea? Are your goals feeling stale?

As a Scribe Coach I use several tools to break through writer’s block, lack of confidence and fear. All of these barriers can prevent you from being productive. My clients have been successful because at one time they have said to me:

  • “I don’t want to write my own book.”
  • “I don’t like to write.”
  • “I am not a good writer.”
  • “I don’t have confidence in my writing skills.”
  • “I want to write a book but don’t know where to start.”

When you work with me I will teach you how to identify your barriers, shatter your excuses, overcome procrastination and confront your fear of writing. I will hold you accountable as you inscribe your creative project. I do this through writing assignments, individualized coaching and consultation.

Connect with me to schedule a time to discuss your writing needs.

Penda L. James, M.Ed.

InSCRIBE Me Planner

Inscribe. Impact. Inspire

The InSCRIBE Me Planner allows you to visualize, strategize and reflect on the implementation of one short-term goal. Users will be able to identify their motivation for change with action steps, weekly planning and journal reflection space.

A Self-Care Plan is included to assist users with rewarding themselves for small success along the way. The ideal user is a young professional, a person reconnecting with an unfinished goal, or a leader motivating a group to accomplish a short-term goal together.

One goal. Thirty days. Are you ready?


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